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A frequently asked question at our sales area is which one will hold its needles longest. While Fraser Fir has become known for its needle holding power, it has earned that based on how long it will hold its needles after it has dried out. For trees that are cut in early to mid-Nov. in North Carolina or PA and spend time being processed and shipped and then stand on a lot this is important.

Our trees are all freshly cut by you or us, and with proper care all of our firs and pines will easily be nice into the New Year. The Blue Spruce, also treated well, might lose a few needles by Christmas, but it should not rain needles. So here is a look at our trees:




The Canaan Fir is in the Balsam Fir family and originated in the Canaan Valley of West Virginia. It looks very much like a Fraser Fir and is the most fragrant fir we currently grow. It has soft green to blue-green needles (1"). It has a light trunk and is easy to carry for its height. It has become a favorite of many of our customers.




The Douglas Fir also has soft green to blue-green needles (1 "). When sheared to the Christmas tree shape, it generally becomes pleasantly "full." It has a nice scent. It is an "old favorite" still enjoyed by many.





The Fraser Fir has soft green needles ( ") that are light blue-green on the under side. Its branches are slightly stiffer than the Douglas or Canaan firs.






The (Eastern) White Pine has very soft long green needles (3"). It looks very bushy. It's lighter branches that require lighter decorations, but can be very beautiful.




The Southwest White Pine comes from the southwest of the US. It is similar to the (Eastern) White Pine except that it generally more open and has stiffer branches. It keeps it's blue-green needle color all winter (2 "needles).




The (Colorado) Blue Spruce is known for its heavy stiff branches that will hold the heavier ornaments that other varieties wont. While it's very prickly needles (1") keep some people from selecting it, that same prickliness will keep most would be toddler tree climbers on the floor.




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