Holiday Hours:

Nov. 23 - Dec. 24th
9am - 6pm daily
*Closed Thanksgiving
*Closed at 4pm on Christmas Eve


A Family Tradition Since 1950

Tait Farm is on US322, 2 miles East of Boalsburg (or 6.7 miles West of Potters Mills). We are open everyday 9:00am to 6:00pm from Nov. 23 to Dec. 24. There is easy access off of US322 at the big red and white Tait Farm sign. We have lots of mud free parking.

The Tree House is a unique Christmas shop that provides all your trimmings including ornaments, freshly made wreaths and garland, white pine roping and natural decorations.

Tait Farm Foods Harvest Shop features their many food products in gift boxes (can ship anywhere.)

A visit to Tait's Bassets to see the puppies is a favorite annual stop for many.

And, of course, Tait's Christmas trees. We have thousands of beautiful fir, pine and spruce trees from 4' up to 12'. Many of them are in the 8' to 10' range if you are looking for a big tree.

Tait's Tree Gallery shows the varieties that we grow. Our goal is to make getting a fresh tree at our farm a fun and easy process for your family.

We offer our trees in two ways:


You can borrow one of our handy bow saws or bring your own. (No chainsaws, axes or hatchets are allowed.) You can enjoy walking through ours fields to choose and cut one of 25 thousand trees. We have planted the trees in straight rows with well mowed grass between the tree rows for easy walking.

We now have tree carts for you to use to bring your tree to the processing area.

We run free hayrides throughout the weekend days, to take you out into the fields and pick you up after you have found your tree.


We regularly cut trees to keep our selection of pre-cut trees as fresh as possible. We drill and put our trees up our "stand- straight" stands so the trees look like they are still in the field and you know what you are getting. ( Unlike other tree lots which simply lean the trees against something and the trees become flat so that you can't really tell what it looks like.)


The tree processing area is where we get your tree ready to go home. The services we offer free here, make it possible for you to transport your tree home , get it up on a stand, enjoy it for many weeks and get it out of your house and still be glad you bought a natural tree. We have a shaker machine that shakes out any loose needles and other stuff. Note the pile of old needles that the machine has shaken out that day.

We offer free drilling for the pin-type "stand-straight" stands. We have sold these stands for many years and they are wonderful. Once we drill a straight hole in the bottom of the tree, all you need to do at home is put the pin of the stand into the hole and drive it in with the biggest hammer you have. You then stand it up and it's done - 30 seconds.

We had a couple tell us, only half kidding, that this stand saved their marriage. The green waterpot on the small and medium stands holds 5 qts and the waterpot on the large and large heavy duty hold 10qts. These quantities make it easily possible to keep the bottom of your tree's trunk in water.

The last operation is a trip through our string baler. This does a very nice job of compacting the tree for easy carrying.

By now, we know most of the tricks to getting a tree in or on a car or van. Ask and we will be happy to advise and/or help. We also offer live trees. Most of these are Blue Spruces from 3' to 7'.


Contact Us: (814) 466-6910